SD-22: Traylor Outpaces Rivals

Kiki Traylor continues to outpace her rivals in the Senate District 22 Republican primary.  In the most recent reporting cycle of July 13 – July 26, Traylor raised $13,480, almost ten times that of her nearest rival Mike Kopp, who pulled in $1,420.00.

Traylor also leads in expenditures, spending almost $18,000 compared to almost $5,000 by Kopp.  Traylor’s cash on hand now sits around $29,000, compared to only $2,200 for Kopp.

The biggest single expenditure for Traylor was a payment to Alison Evans for $12,417.61, which was a reimbursement payment for costs related to printing, mailings, and signs.  Other expenditures of interest were two totaling nearly $1,500 to Virginia-based CCAdvertising, a robo calling firm familiar with Colorado.  In 2005, CCAdvertising was commissioned by anti-government crusader Grover Norquist as he fought to defeat Referendum C.

Kopp’s lack of funds explains the attacks he and his supporters have launched against Traylor in attempts to earn free media.  Recall Kopp supporter Rob Fairbank, who tried to pass himself as “Joe Citizen” when filing complaints against Kiki Traylor for failing to report donations from teachers unions.  Fairbank’s company, Politically Direct, received a $1,628.20 check from Kopp on July 5 for providing “mailing” services.Fairbank isn’t the only GOP operative giving Kopp help. Other conservative organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, have tried to undermine Traylor, claiming she is not sufficiently conservative.  The Rocky Mountain Gun Owner’s cut a $1,000 check to Kopp on July 31.

But don’t worry about the attacks on Traylor breaking her proverbial back.  The Colorado Chiropractic Associations Small Donor Committee gave Traylor a $2,000 check August 1.

Jason Everett, the third person in the GOP primary, has not yet reported his numbers for the most recent cycle.  However, according to his last report he had $5728 on hand, spending almost $3,600 and receiving no new contributions.

Source – All data found from the Colorado Secretary of State’s web page