What’s Your Favorite Gun?

At least five of the six Republican guys running for Congress in the 5th CD cherish their guns. And so does the Democrat.

It’s a sentimental thing, sometimes. As candidate John Anderson puts it: “In my Last Will & Testament I am donating several prized firearms from my personal collection to a museum to be preserved indefinitely.”

So what are their favorites? The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition wanted to know, and six of the seven candidates were happy to oblige. (Retired Air Force General Bentley Rayburn’s top picks aren’t listed.)

Here are the results from the others:

John Anderson – Republican
This is actually the toughest question for me. I have several extremely sentimental firearms. For example. I still own and cherish my first revolver (S&W model 19 357 magnum) that was handed to me the day I was sworn in as a new police recruit in 1975. That weapon was later replaced for duty by an autoloader (S& W model 659 9mm) and it was awarded to me upon my retirement from the Colorado Springs Police Department. And when I retired as your Sheriff. my duty weapon at the time. a 40 cal Glock was retired with me

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