CD-7: Ed’s New Ad, Spinning the Poll

Ed Perlmutter released a new commercial yesterday focusing on his desire to redeploy troops from Iraq, illustrating his support for ideas proposed by Democratic Congressman John Murtha.  The ad also touched on making America energy independent.

Perlmutter’s companion press release showed a contrast to much of the back-and-forth we’ve seen this week, with Perlmutter comparing himself directly to Rick O’Donnell, the sole Republican in the Congressional District 7 primary.“These resolutions make clear that Democrats are opposed to simply staying the course in Iraq,” Perlmutter says in the release.  “If I am elected to Congress I will not be a rubberstamp for the Bush Administration’s decisions on Iraq or any other issue. A rubberstamp like Rick O’Donnell is the last thing the 7th CD or this Country needs