CD5: Who

Note: This is the first in a six-part report that will appear over the next several days, detailing the amount of cash raised so far by the six Republicans runnning to replace Joel Hefley in south-central Colorado’s 5th Congressional District – and more enticingly, insider descriptions about the notable movers and shakers who have thrown money their way.

Our first candidate is Jeff Crank, who not only has received the blessing of his old boss Hefley, but much of the old-and-new school establishment elite. Trust us, not all of the candidates have the bragging prowess that the Crank machine has hammered down.

Of course it can’t hurt, when your old boss is the man.

Jeff Crank

As of Aug. 2, Jeff Crank, reported raising a total of $246,161. Of that, $204,216 came from individual contributions, and another $19,025 came from Political Action Committees. He has contributed  $21,576 to his own campaign, and lists a $20,000 loan to himself as a debt owed. His 245 individual contributors include: