CD5: Who’s Throwing the Cash Around – Part 3

Duncan Bremer:

Duncan Bremer’s a former two-term El Paso County Commissioner who left public office in 2003. He’s been lawyering in his own practice ever since.

Bremer’s most recent Federal Elections Commission report shows he has received a whopping $333,691 in contributions.

That seems, compared to other candidates running in the race, a stunning accomplishment – until you factor in that $250,000 of the cash was a loan to himself. Plus, he’s already paid himself back $200,000 of the money. (This maneuver has not been lost on several of Bremer’s opponents, who snidely, but privately, accuse him of trying to puff up his campaign.)Bremer also reported $82,637 in individual contributions; $65,248 cash on hand and $52,187 in outstanding debts owed. He has received no Political Action Committee cash.

Bremer’s collected a good chunk of change from Colorado Springs-area developers, homebuilders, geologists, engineers and “homemakers,” which is usually code for “the wife tacked on a matching check/contribution.” His more prominent contributors include:

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