The Flaming Liberals are Happy, Or Not

Is it a time to gloat, or a time to propagate the culture wars?

After Money magazine declared  Colorado Springs the Best Big City in America late last month, the daily Gazette opined the former. But in subsequent letters to the editor, readers clearly opted for the latter.

Check out the rancor:

July 29
The Gazette feels we should gloat a bit about Colorado Springs being voted “best place to live” by Money magazine.The Gazette seems to have completely ignored the fact that Colorado Springs is anything but a happy place. We are a community torn by our overbearing Christian organizations whose disdain for gays and lesbians is legend. The Gazette‘s homage to the Springs omitted the relentless and tenacious attacks by ersatz Christian ministries on people who contribute as much or more to our community than any of the religionists. The homage to Colorado Springs, I’m afraid, was tainted by that omission.
– Richard Baker
Colorado Springs

Aug. 2
Richard Baker’s July 29 letter… seemed out of touch with reality. It appears that if you simply disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, you are filled with “disdain” and are a “relentless and tenacious attacker.” His fear of Christian organizations and the church community in Colorado Springs “tainting” the living conditions here is laughable. To date, I have not seen Focus on the Family march in front of the local Gay and Lesbian Center nor have I witnessed New Life Church (or any evangelical mega-church) stand with signs in front of any gay bars. My greatest fear is Baker’s own viewpoint discrimination and his intolerance of any kind of disagreement that comes from conservatives. Most people in this beautiful town, including flaming liberals, are happy here.
– Rev. Tom Pedigo
Colorado Springs

Pedigo is, by the way the Colorado director for the American Family Association, the Tupelo, Miss.-based outfit that wants to  eviscerate the immorality it claims is plaguing the country. To read more about the responses to the Best Big City rating, check out Colorado Confidential’s original report.

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