Who’s Throwing the Cash Around – Part 4

Bentley Rayburn, it seems, wants to represent just about every conservative in America. Oh yeah, and in the 5th Congressional District too.

Rayburn didn’t even know he was going to be running for Congress until April Fool’s Day. Looking inside his campaign war chest, it appears the just-retired U.S. Air Force general has been calling the troops from such far-flung ‘burbs of Goodyear, Ariz., Holdrege, Neb. and Lorton, Va. to shell out money to his campaign.Only a handful of Rayburn’s contributors are from inside the six-county Colorado district he wants to represent. And the only local high profile name to have publicly offered support is retired auto dealer Will Perkins, the grandfatherly trust-me-face behind 1992’s anti-gay Amendment 2 and the leader in another anti-gay proposal likely headed to the statewide ballot this year.

As of the end of July, Rayburn reported total receipts of $241,326. But in a maneuver similar to one of his opponents, Duncan Bremer, Rayburn has pumped up his numbers with a personal loan, in this case $110,000.

With a reported $88,722 cash on hand, Bentley is currently listing $112,512 in debts owed – which includes his own loan. Yes, this is, as has been pointed out, a guy who belongs to the so-called party of fiscal responsibility.

Anyway, here’s just a partial list of the cities from where Rayburn’s supporters have been sending him cash: