CD5: Who’s Throwing the Cash Around – Part 5

Lionel Rivera

Descriptions of Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera range from smart to calculating to ambitious. Rivera was one of the last to jump into the six-man race for the 5th Congresional District, and almost immediately raised $40,000.

That money, and much of the total $182,620 that he’s pocketed by the end of July has come from land developers, a fact not lost on detractors. If Rivera loses the primary, and continues on as mayor of the state’s second largest city, will he have compromised his ability to fairly vote on land matter issues related to his congressional benefactors?

The argument would be legitimate, except for one little problem: It’s a widely-held belief that developers already control City Hall.

As of the end of August, Rivera reports having $93,181 cash on hand, with a debt of $48,000.

Here are a few of his more notable contributors:

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