CD5: Who’s Throwing the Cash Around – The End

Doug Lamborn

Doug Lamborn’s list of contributors include a smog technician, a shipbuilder and a cheesemaker. But a review of the state senator’s long list of contributors suggests that if he wanted to, he could start his own conservative national branch of the AARP.

That’s right, retired conservatives across the land have come out in droves for Lamborn, egged on by the Club for Growth, the Washington-based outfit that wants to drive out the moderates. Club for Growth has endorsed Lamborn, and so have plenty of other ultraconservative groups, leaving his list of contributors reading like a who’s who of the world of anti-government, anti-union, anti-choice, anti-immigrant. On a lighter side, Lamborn seems to like a gamble now and again.

Lamborn’s war chest is hefty – at $411,323 he’s raised more than anyone else. And yes, the fiscal conservative has loaned his campaign $100,000, reporting debt owed as that amount. At the end of July, Lamborn reported $69,754 cash on hand. Here are a few of his favorite fans:

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