New Survey USA/KUSA CD 7 Poll Out

9News (KUSA) reports the latest Survey USA poll results on the CD 7 race:

Ed Perlmutter 49 (51)
Peggy Lamm 37 (31)
Herb Rubenstein 8 (10)
Undecided 7 (8)

The poll asked 592 likely voters who they would vote for in the Democratic primary set for Tuesday, August 8. It is possible some had already voted early or absentee.

This implies a sampling error of +/-4.1%

Observers had suggested that the previous Survey USA poll was an outlier.  This poll suggests that, from a sampling error perspective, that the prior poll was correct in showing Perlmutter safely ahead of Lamm.

It does not, address, however, claims that absentee voters and early voters may not give their vote to the robocaller, and hence, not accurately reflect the true vote.

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