Primary Eve Coverage Recap

Stories can wizz right by here at Colorado Confidential, and newcomers may have missed some of the primary coverage you now realize that they need to cast a meaningful  vote. 

If you missed it the first time, you can go back and review it now. 5th CD GOP

CD5: Who’s Throwing the Cash Around – Part 5

CD 5 Poll Results Out

Who’s Throwing The Cash Around – Part 4

CD 5 – Who’s Throwing Cash Around – Part 3

CD 5- Who’s Throwing Cash Around – Part 2

CD 5- Who’s Throwing the Cash Around

Coalition of Christian Eating Their Own – Updated

What’s Your Favorite Gun?

Reaching For the Crank, Pounding the Christian Coalition

And Now, A Weird Letter From Will Perkins

“I Want To Be God’s Man In Washington”

Elephants Carve Swath Of Mayhem in CD 5 Stampede

“Meanest Sheriff” Mad the TV Cameras Didn’t Show

Pepperball Guns Are Optional

Congressional Candidates Vow To Be Honest and Truthful

Primary Campaign Heats Up (As Do Nude Statutes)

7th CD Democratic

CD 7: Ed’s New Ad, Spinning The Poll.

Rubenstein Not Out

Reality v. Perception with Peggy and Ed

Perlmutter Gets Gun Control Group Endorsement

Perlmutter Responds To Lamm Ad

CD 7 Primary Enters Final Stretch

Little Monarchists

Primary Campaign Heats Up (As Do Nude Statutes)

7th SD GOP

Hefty Price Tag on SD 7 Primary Race.

Primary Race For Senate 7 Will Doom A Republican

Penry Fails To Look Before Shooting

Rep. Penry (R-Mesa) criticizes governor for bending to Democrats

The “Fair and Balanced” Daily Sentinel

22nd SD GOP

SD 22: Last Dash For Cash

$12,000 of Approval

SD-22: Traylor Outpaces Rivals

JCEA Returned Check “Unusual”

32nd SD Democratic

Senate District 32: The Democratic Primary’s Last Dash

Little Monarchists

Best Press Release of the Day, So Far

HD 1 Democratic

Updated HD 1: Hernandez v. Labuda

Larimer County Assessor GOP

Ethics Concerns Raised About GOP Candidate

County Employees Engaged in Deceptive Letter-Writing Campaign

Denver Referendum 1A

Xcel Entices Denver With Water

Denver 1A (Xcel Franchise): A Bird in the Hand, Or . . . . ?

Xcel: Summer Is Hot, Who Knew?

Xcel Power Outages