SD-22: Last Dash For Cash

Campaign finance laws (Colorado Revised Status 1-45-108) dictate that candidates must report any large donations immeditaely when there is less then 30 days to an election.  Tomorrow being primary day certain fits in that window.

This morning, Kiki Traylor is reporting a $1,000 check from the Colorado Medical Society Small Donor Committee to help her get over the hump in her three-way primary against Mike Kopp and Justin Everett.

This is the second large donation Traylor has recieved within the “30 day” period.  The first was from the Colorado Chiopractic Assocation Small Donor Comittee.

Neither Everett nor Kopp have reported any new large donations over the weekend.

Last time I checked the numbers in this race Justin Everett had not reported during his latest period.  He has now.  Everett recieved no donations for the last two weeks of July, while he spent almost $2,200.  He has a remaining cash on hand figure of $3,500.