SD-22: Robo Calls Attack Traylor

The Club for Growth, a national conservative organization run by Grover Norquist, is robo calling the residences of Senate District 22 attacking Kiki Traylor for not being a true conservative.

Here’s the direct line from the phone call as quoted in today’s Rocky Mountain News:

“Kiki’s voted with left-wing Democrats so often, she forced Gov. Owens to veto her big-government agenda, which included a half-dozen stifling regulations on small-business owners,” the announcer says.

“That’s right. In total, Gov. Owens vetoed Kiki Traylor’s liberal legislation 14 times.”

Club for Growth has already endorsed Mike Kopp, one of Traylor’s rivals in the Republican primary to be held tomorrow.

Club for Growth is also playing fast and loose with the truth.  Traylor has not had 14 bills of her bills vetoed by the Governor.  Owens has vetoed 14 bills in which Traylor had voted “yes” to get them to the Governor’s desk.

The actions by the Club for Growth are causing a divide within the GOP, especially with Gov. Owens who has endorsed Traylor for the seat.

“Club for Growth is deliberately and irresponsibly misleading voters regarding Sen. Traylor’s record.  Such deceptive tactics truly sully any credibility the group might have had.,” Dan Hopkins, a spokesman for the governor, is quoted in the Rocky.