Updated Ballot Issue Scorecard

Issues, issues everywhere.

Here’s a short recap of what the November ballot will look like after today, the deadline to submit signatures to the Secretary of State.

The state legislature has already put seven issues on the ballot (E, F, G, H, I, J, K).  Two more issues (38 and 39), have been on the ballot for some time now. 

Petitions submitted last week and today add to the mix.  Six more may make the ballot.  The rest are dead for this election. Details are below.The Referendums on Ballot

E: Property tax breaks for disabled vets.
F: Recall petition deadlines to be set by statute.
G: Repeal obsolete provisions.
H: No state income tax deduction for illegal immigrant compensation.
I: Permit domestic partnerships by statute.
J: Spend 65% of school funds on instruction.
K: Have AG sue feds to enforce immigration laws.

Initiatives on Ballot Now

38: Make petitioning onto ballot easier.
39: 65% of school funds on instruction version 2.

Initiatives Possibly On Ballot

* Legalize small quantities of marijuana for adults.
* Lobbiest gift ban
* $6.85 minimum wage
* Term limits for judges
* Anti-gay marriage.
* Pro-domestic partnership.

Initiatives That Crashed and Burned

* Roll back part of Referendum C
* Limit bilingual education
* Ban late term abortion
* Anti-DP
* Oil and gas tax
* Issue campaign contribution limits.
* Housing growth limits.

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