Pesticides OK’ed by EPA Listed

Of the group of 31 organophosphate pesticides the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced last week that are eligible for continued use, all but five are registered for use in Colorado with the state’s Agriculture Department. The following list shows the name of the “active” ingredient in the pesticide and the number of products that contain this ingredient.

While this list does not provide information about the amount of these chemicals that is actually used in Colorado, it is a safe bet that the pesticides with the most products registered-such as acephate, chlorpyrifos, and malthion-are used more frequently than those with few products registered.

The EPA approves pesticides for specific uses, and some of the pesticides on this list are limited. For example, chlorpyrifos was once commonly available in hardware stores for home usage until 2000, when the EPA banned most residential uses of the chemical. The name of the chemical comes first, then the number of products registered for use in Colorado.

Acephate 45
Azinphos-methyl (AZM) 3
Bensulide 6
Chlorethoxyphos 3
Chlorpyrifos 55
Coumaphos 13
DDVP (Dichlorvos) 23
Diazinon 33
Dictrotophos 1
Dimethoate 12
Disulfoton 22
Ethoprop 5
Malathion 49
Methamidophos 3
Methidathion 1
Methyl Parathion 4
Naled 4
Oxydemeton-methyl 2
Phorate 6
Phosmet 11
Phostebupirim 8
Pirimiphos-methyl 3
Propetamphos 1
Terbufos 3
Tetrachlorvinphos 15
Trichlorfon 11

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