Really Early Primary Results (Democrats)

We have some very early primary results from Democatic Party races, in which the front runners are doing so well that we are ready to call the primary race.  Results are only preliminary, however, so this could blow up in our faces.A stealth write in candidacy could invalidate these results.


CD 1: Diana DeGette
CD 2: Mark Udall
CD 3: John Salazar
CD 4: Angie Paccione
CD 5: Jay Fawcett
CD 6: Bill Winter

Governor: Bill Ritter
Lt. Governor: Barbara O’Brien
Attorney General: Fern O’Brien
Treasurer: Cary Kennedy
Secretay of State: Ken Gordon
State Board of Education CD 2: Evie Hudak
State Board of Education CD 4: Tom Griggs
State Board of Education CD 7: Karen Middleton
CU Regent At Large: Stephen Ludwig
CU Regent CD 3: Susan Hakanson

SD 1: James Bowen
SD 2: Mickey Griego
SD 3: Able Tapia
SD 5: Gail Schwartz
SD 6: James Isgar
SD 7: Dana Barker
SD 9: Keely Marrs
SD 11: John Morse
SD 13: Soloman Little Owl
SD 15: Jennifer Miller
SD 16: Joan Fitz-Gerald
SD 20: Moe Keller
SD 21: Betty Boyd
SD 22: Paula Noonan
SD 30: Shelly Tokerud
SD 34: Paula Sandoval

HD 2: Mike Cerbo
HD 3: Anne McGihon
HD 4: Jerry Frangas
HD 5: Joel Judd
HD 6: Andrew Romanoff
HD 7: Terrance Carroll
HD 8: Rosemary Marshall
HD 9: Alice Borodkin
HD 10: Alice Madden
HD 11: Jack Pommer
HD 12: Paul Weissmann
HD 14: Karen Teja
HD 15: Allison Hunter
HD 17: Christine Varney
HD 18: Micahel Merrifield
HD 19: Kenneth Barela
HD 20: Janet Hejtmanek
HD 21: Anna Lord
HD 22: Jayson Haberkorn
HD 23: Gwyn Green
HD 24: Cheri Jahn
HD 25: Mike Daniels
HD 26: Andy Kerr
HD 27: Sara Gagliardi
HD 28: Thomas Dittemore
HD 29: Debbie Benefield
HD 30: Mary Hodge
HD 31: Judy Solano
HD 32: Edward Casso
HD 33: Diane Primavera
HD 34: John Soper
HD 36: Morgan Carroll
HD 37: Angela Engle
HD 38: Joe Rice
HD 39: Molly Cullom
HD 40: Matt Bryant
HD 41: Nancy Todd
HD 42: Michael Garcia
HD 44: Lois Huff
HD 45: Linda Constantine
HD 46: Dorothy Butcher
HD 47: Buffie McFayden
HD 48: Michael Dugan
HD 49: Sue Radford
HD 50: Jim Riesberg
HD 52: John Kefalas
HD 53: Randy Fischer
HD 54: Richard Alward
HD 55: Bernie Buscher
HD 56: Dan Gibbs
HD 57: Andrew Gold
HD 58: Brian Ahern
HD 60: Curtis Imrie
HD 61: Kathleen Curry
HD 62: Rafael Gallegos
HD 63: Pauline Artery
HD 64: Wes McKinley

Seriously, as the list above indicates, today’s contested primaries are only the rare exceptions.  Most intraparty fights have already been resolved, and the candidates above are all without primary opponents.  Tonight, we get only the final details.