Really Early Primary Results (Republicans)

We have some very early primary results from Republican Party races, in which the front runners are doing so well that we are ready to call the primary race.  Results are only preliminary, however, so this could blow up in our faces.A stealth write in candidacy could invalidate these results.

CD 2: Rich Mancuso
CD 3: Scott Tipton
CD 4: Marilyn Musgrave
CD 6: Tom Tancredo
CD 7: Rick O’Donnell

Governor: Bob Beauprez
Attorney General: John Suthers
Treasurer: Mark Hillman
Secretary of State: Mike Coffman
State Board of Education CD 4: Bob Schaffer
State Board of Education CD 7: Lee Kunz
CU Regent At Large: Brian Davidson
CU Regent CD 3: Tillie Bishop
CU Regent CD 5: Kyle Hybl

SD 1: Greg Brophy
SD 2: Kenneth Kester
SD 5: Lewis Entz
SD 6: Ron Tate
SD 9: Dave Schulthels
SD 11: Ed Jones
SD 15: Steve Johnson
SD 20: Dick Sargent
SD 21: Matthew Knoedler
SD 24: Luis Alvarez
SD 32: Dave Lewis

HD 1: Aimee Rathburn
HD 4: Rick Nevin
HD 6: Jeffrey Hecht
HD 9: Jerry Greenheck
HD 11: Catherine Jarrett
HD 15: Bill Cadman
HD 16: Larry Liston
HD 17: Mark Cloer
HD 18: Kyle Fisk
HD 20: Amy Stephens
HD 21: Bob Gardner
HD 22: Kenneth Summers
HD 25: Robert Witwer
HD 26: Glen Rhoades
HD 27: Bill Crane
HD 28: Jim Kerr
HD 29: Affie Ellis
HD 30: Bruce Wilcox
HD 31: Rex Pierce
HD 32: Tracey Snyder
HD 33: Bill Berens
HD 35: Bill Pacheco
HD 36: Brian Boney
HD 39: Brian Balmer
HD 40: Debbie Stafford
HD 41: Clyde Robinson
HD 43: Frank McNulty
HD 44: Mike May
HD 45: Victor Mitchell
HD 46: Susan May
HD 47: Jeffrey Shaw
HD 48: Glenn Vaad
HD 49: Kevin Lundberg
HD 50: Dave Owen
HD 52: Bob McCluskey
HD 53: Anne Yeldell
HD 55: Bob Caskey
HD 56: Ken Choulber
HD 57: Al White
HD 58: Raymond Rose
HD 59: Ellen Roberts
HD 60: Thomas Massey
HD 62: John Sandoval
HD 63: Cory Gardner
HD 64: John Albright
HD 65: Jerry Sonnenberg

Observe that the Republican list is shorter than the Democratic Party list because Republicans are not fielding candidates in many more races and because Republicans have more contested primary races.