Change Begins in 7th CD

“We need a change.”  “We need a change.”

That was the refrain tonight as almost 100 Perlmutter supporters gathered at the Alamos Verdes restaurant in Arvada, celebrating their victory in the Seventh Congressional District Democratic Primary.

“Are you happy with what the Bush Administration wants to do to privatize Social Security and pensions?” Perlmutter asks, standing on a stage surrounded by supporters.  A chorus of “Nos” from the gathered crowd is returned.Perlmutter then goes through the issues–from stems cells, Iraq, and energy–asking if people are happy with the current direction of the country.  Each time, the crowd errupts voicing opposition to Bush policies.

There were two reasons for their victory tonight, Perlmutter said in both his speech and when asked. 

First, his connections to the community.  Perlmutter is a life long resident of Jefferson County, and has lived in Congressional District 7 since it was created after the 2000 census.

Second, his message of change