GOP Lt. Governor Jane Norton, Again?

Conservatives at the blog claim that Jane Norton will be named as Bob Beauprez’s running mate on Monday.  They aren’t happy.

Time will tell if this was for real, or just a trial ballon.  If it is a trial balloon, it’s a lead one.Some comments:

Looks like it is 4 more years of Owens or Liberal Democrat Bill Ritter. What a crappy ballot we have this year. . . .

Uninspired and unimaginative. . . .

Tactically – this is a bad decision.
Politically – this doesn’t help our nominee.
Financially – this won’t bring in more money.
All in all, a bad move. . . .

What is the point of Norton being on the ticket? She’s not going to bring in any money or support that isn’t there already. It looks like it’s going to be a huge battle in November if this nonsense keeps on going.

File this one under unconfirmed.