Dysfunction and Treachery Result in D-11 Recall Effort

Colorado Springs’ largest school district is a playground full of bullies, where board members like Eric Christen routinely accuse colleagues of being irrational, petty, shameless, out of control – even pathological liars.

The antics, by Christen and others who were elected three years ago in a covert coup conducted by pro-voucher advocates, have made for entertaining public television. But after the superintendent of just one year was fired earlier this year, community activists had enough of the dysfunction.This week, a citizen’s group, End the Chaos, submitted 20,000 signatures on petitions to recall District 11 board member Christen, along with board member Sandy Shakes. If 15,000 of those signatures are determined valid, voters will have the opportunity to weigh on on the November ballot. But the group’s spokeswoman, Annie Oatman-Gardner, would prefer that Christen and Shakes

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