The Right Time and the Right Place

El Paso County, Colorado, is often referred to as a Republican stronghold, a place where, if you inched any further to the right, you’d fall right off of this flat earth of ours. 

You only have to consider last Tuesday’s primary election, a stunner of a victory for Doug Lamborn. Everyone was so convinced that Rep. Joel Hefley’s heir apparent, Jeff Crank, would walk off with a win, that the Rocky Mountain News and the Colorado Springs Gazette initially called the election for Crank. Yours truly, meanwhile, was hanging out at the Lamborn campaign, lonely for the company of other news reporters (most of whom were at Crank headquarters) – but not wanting for plenty of Brach’s hard candy, burnt pizza and the likes of swaggering state Rep. Dave Schultheis and anti-tax zealot Douglas Bruce.

Read more about the mind-numbing scene – including the selections of Shermie on the Piano  – in this week’s Public Eye column, from the Colorado Springs Independent.

And no, I wasn’t psychic in choosing which of the six GOP candidates’ parties I ended up at, at just the right time. Guess I was just – and this is putting it very loosely – lucky.