Beauprez’s Campaign Boiling in Mesa County

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez and his new running mate, Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland were the “hottest” couple in Grand Junction Monday afternoon.

Although it was a 100-degree day on the concrete runway, Beauprez’s advance team had set up the stage so that the long-sleeved suited candidates had to face directly into the sun to recite their speeches. Beauprez and Rowland were at the Walker Field Airport in Grand Junction, the last stop on a four-city tour, to introduce Rowland as his Lt. Governor candidate. Both read from prepared scripts about Rowland’s accomplishments as social worker and community leader.

Beauprez’s quotable line “she’s so smart, it’s scary” might have been fresh and witty this morning, but by 5:30 pm it sounded strained. Yet, Rowland’s story about almost interrupting her husband’s hunt with the birth of their son got a big laugh.

Accompanying Beauprez and Rowland on the tour were Rep. Josh Penry and current Lt. Governor and Mesa County resident, Jane Norton. Familiar Republican VIP’s dotted the crowd: State Senator, Ron Teck; Mesa State College president, Tim Foster; County Commissioner and CU Regent candidate, Tillie Bishop; and former 3rd CD candidate, Greg Walcher, were among the notables.

There had been burning speculation about Beauprez’s running mate with Rowland’s name on the short list. “My father said never to lie, but I had to lie to a lot of people the past couple of weeks,” Rowland said, referring to the rumors of her candidacy.

Beauprez said that Rowland was important to the Republican ticket. “Since this governor’s race could be decided here,” he stressed, “It was important to choose someone from Grand Junction.”