Wither EMILY’s List? (Part I)

EMILY’s list, an organization that promotes Democratic pro-choice women with a name that standard for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”, is one of the powerhouses of campaign finance on the political left in the United States.

Notwithstanding this, two candidates in endorsed in Colorado’s recently completed primary election, Peggy Lamm, in the 7th Congressional District, and Jennifer Mello, in the 32nd State Senate District both lost their respective races.  Now, the question is whether the list will try again.  This post looks at federal races in Colorado.  Another will examine state senate races.  A third will look at state house races.Federal Races

There are two Democratic women running in federal races in Colorado this year.  They are Diana DeGette, in the 1st Congressional District, which is basically Denver, and Angie Paccione, in the 4th Congressional District comprising much of the rural front range, Fort Collins and Greeley.

Diana DeGette, while a solidly pro-choice Democratic woman is almost certain not to get EMILY’s list support this year for the simple reason that she is not opposed by a Republican this year.

Angie Paccione could make the EMILY’s list radar screen. 

Certainly, most of the strongly anti-abortion voters in the 4th Congressional District are voting for Marily Musgrave in any case, although an EMILY’s list endorsement might be both a hinderance and a help in this conservative leaning district where appealing to moderate voters is key.  Paccione has not made abortion rights an important issue in her campaign, focusing instead on bread and butter issues and corruption.  Her website does not contain a statement on the issue. 

The 4th District might also be considered a tough race, where other races might be more likely to make an impact.  It also might be considered already sufficiently flush with money.

Whatever the reason, Paccione was not on an August 11, 2006 list of Congressional races that EMILY’s list was supporting this election cycle.

Hat Tip to Renegade Crafters.