Janet Rowland: Sheep and the Weak

Bob Beauprez’s Lt. Governor candidate, Janet Rowland, is having trouble in her own hometown of Grand Junction. One day after the big announcement of Rowland’s candidacy, members of the local Grand Valley Marriage Equality Council took exception to Rowland’s comments about bestiality and gay marriage.In a news conference Tuesday, representatives from the council said the Beauprez-Rowland ticket was perpetuating prejudicial stereotypes and “misconceptions people have about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families,” according to a Grand Junction Daily Sentinel story.

On the campaign trail, Rowland, a former social services employee said that she brought faith-based agencies into the Mesa County’s human services sphere. Maybe new ones…since faith-based agencies, such as Catholic Charities and Salvation Army, historically have been important segments in human services that abate poverty and help those in need.

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