The Right Like Her. They Really Do

Republican lieutenant governor Janet Rowland’s exposed stance on bestiality has gripped the state’s collective progressive community so tightly they are practically peeing with glee.

In elected office for less than a year, Rowland has reportedly already been the target of a recall effort. She was, and is, virulently anti-Referendum C – which was approved by the popular vote.She claims to be small government, but has no problem continuing on between now and November, conducting Mesa County’s public’s business and cashing her government paycheck, shuttling around the state campaigning for less government – while stumping for a new government job as Lieutenant Governor, which pays more. (As county commissioner, Rowland earns $51,827 a year. As Colorado Confidential’s Wendy Norris pointed out in a comment posted earlier this week, the Lieutenant Governor has a salary of $68,500.

Despite all the sound and fury, Bob Beauprez’ pick may not – and since I don’t really claim to be an expert, I should repeat  may not – have been as poorly devised as advertised.

In a time-proven tradition dating back at least to the era of Romer I (Roy the Elder), Democrats focus on securing their strongholds of Denver, Adams, Pueblo and Boulder counties. They know they have to tamp down those voters and get ’em to the polls bigtime. Meanwhile, they also aggressively go after the swing counties, which have emerged in recent years as Jefferson and Arapahoe.

The Republicans, meanwhile, have to lock down tight their strongholds of El Paso, Douglas, Weld and Larimer counties. Ditto for going after the potential swing votes in Jefferson and Arapahoe.

It’s sad, because these 10 counties – out of 64 in Colorado – have become the heavily played, targeted courtships. And, because of recent population growth, Mesa County on the Western Slope has also now officially arrived.

It’s obviously a question that voters will ultimately answer, but conservatives statewide may very well appreciate having a virulently anti-Referendum C, anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-school vouchers, former stay-at-home family-values mom from the Western Slope.

Given Beauprez’ previously seeming squishiness over Referendum C, with Rowland on the ticket, the dyed-and-faithful of the right wing might well get super-eager, super-energized, to turn out and vote come Election Day.

Not saying whether the tactic’s going to work, or not. Just how it looks, from the right-hand side… 

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