Ritter-Beauprez Debate: It’s Going to be a Gas

It should be scorching. It could fire up one campaign or throw an oil slick out for another. One thing for sure, it’s going to be a gusher. Colorado gubernatorial candidates Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez have agreed to get drilled about oil and gas.

Aron Diaz, executive director of Associate Governments of Northwest Colorado said he has finally gotten confirmations from both candidates to meet for a debate about oil and gas issues on October 4th in Rifle.Previously, Diaz couldn’t get a commitment from the Beauprez campaign. When he finally secured a date, then it didn’t work for Ritter. Today, Diaz claimed success.

“There are a lot of issues concerning the various state government departments, roads, community impacts and funding associated with oil and gas development,” Diaz pointed out. “It’s important for voters to hear about the candidates’ positions on these subjects.”

Many Western Slope and Front Range counties have seen gas drilling increase, especially in residential areas.

Since Rifle is a small rural town, finding a facility to accommodate the debate and an audience for up to 300 people is now on top of Diaz’s “to do” list. The debate could draw a huge public audience because of the subject matter and Diaz expects the major media markets will want to be there, too. “I don’t know if we will have to use the high school gym or rent out the local movie theater,” he said.

Where ever the debate is held, the hottest seats in town will be reserved for Ritter and Beauprez.