Statewide Ballot Issues Set

Colorado will have its longest ballot since 1912 this November. 

The Colorado Secretary of State has reviewed the petitions for initiatives submitted by August 7, 2006, and 8 initiatives 38-45 will be on the ballot statewide this year.  In addition, the state legislature has placed on the ballot seven referrendums E to K.  The thrust of each is described below.

Many local governments, including Denver, will be putting issues on the ballot in their respective jurisdictions as well. 

In summary form, the statewide ballot measures this year are:

E: Property Tax Exemption For Disabled Vets
F: Remove Recall Deadlines From Constitution
G: Repeal Obsolete Constitutional Provisions
H: No Income Tax Deduction For Illegal Immigrants
I: Implement Domestic Partnerships In Colorado.
J: Require Schools To Spend 65% On Instruction.
K: CO AG: Sue Bush Admin Re: Immigration
38: Make Ballot Issue Petitioning Easier.
39: Require Schools To Spend 65% On Instruction.
40: Retroactive Appellate Court Term Limits
41: Gift And Job Offers From Lobbyists
42: $6.85 Minimum Wage
43: No Gay Marriage
44: Decriminalize Minor Marijuana Possession
45: Pro-Domestic Partnerships.

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