Women Dislike Beauprez

As reported earlier, SurveyUSA has a new poll out today on the Governor’s race showing Democratic candidate Bill Ritter with a 10 point lead over Republican Bob Beauprez.The great part of SurveyUSA is they provide the cross-tabs that show how different demographic groups replied.

Ritter is leading Beauprez among Female respondents by a wide 57%-34% margin.  Compare this to President Bush’s performance in 2004, where he garnered 51% of Coloradan women voters.  That’s 17 points behind Bush when his approval rating was at 52%–seeing how that’s what percentage he got.  In this SurveyUSA poll, Bush sits at 40%.

Another reason Beauprez might need to work on his charm: women were 56% of the voters in 2004.  This SurveyUSA poll assumes a 50/50 split.

Other interesting notes:

– 91% of self-identifying “Liberals” support Ritter.  92% of self-identifying Democrats support Ritter.  Many thought Ritter’s stance on choice would hurt him, but these numbers dispel that idea.  The base has come home.

– Ritter leads Independents 54%-23%.

– Three income demographics are provided: less than $40, between $40k and $80k, and greater than $80k each year.  Ritter leads in each of these three groups, but his largest margin is in the “greater than $80k” each year group.  This group represent a little over one-third of all responding and gives Ritter a 54%-39% lead.

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