DPS Summer Vacation Over

    Most Denver Public School students return to the classrooms Monday (some are on all year schedules).  For drivers, it means it is time to take extra care in school zones.  For kids, it means that summer vacation is over,  For parents and teachers it means the school year routine is back.

    It will likely be a year of transition for the District as Superintendent Michael Bennet begins to implement and refine a wide ranging package of reforms for the District which he has christened “The Denver Plan.” Many elementary schools will start sooner this year, as about half of the district has moved from a 9:00 a.m. schedule to an 8:15 a.m. or earlier schedule. 

    Manual High School students have all been relocated to other high schools in the district, often far from home, after the school was shut down for poor performance.  It will reopen in the fall of 2007 at which point it will be rebuilt from the ground up in terms of staffing, students, curriculum and the District hopes, its institutional culture.

    Many school districts and private schools outside Denver start a little later, and finish a little later than those in Denver.

    This Friday is the deadline for parents, teachers and community members interested in serving on a committee to help plan a new K-8 school in the fast growing Green Valley Ranch area and a separate committee to plan renovations at North High School.