Allard Makes Comeback To 92nd Worst

Wayne Allard, who in July polling was the least popular Senator in the United States, has recovered in August from being the last popular Senator, to merely being the 92nd least popular Senator.  Of those surveyed in the SurveyUSA/KUSA poll 43% approved of his performance while 44% disapproved.  Last month, only 36% approved, while 48% disapproved.

His website announces the most important things he’s done this month, which consists of holding an immigration hearing, telling the EPA that its doing a heck of a job, or words to that effect (just like FEMA after Katrina), moping about the fact that one of his bills won’t be voted upon, and supporting a bill to drill more oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

As none of these events seem likely to account for the popularity boost, the most likely source of the change in popularity seems to be his efforts to provide a $77,161 to provide digital radio services for NPR at KPGS-FM in Pagosa Springs.

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