She’s Less Crazy Than I Am

A new SurveyUSA/9News poll shows that the race for congress in CD7 is a dead heat between Democrat Ed Perlmutter and Republican Rick O’Donnell.

The CD7 fight is generally considered to be the top race in the country, and it’s no surprise that it would be so close at this point. The last (and first) time CD7 was an open seat, in 2002, Republican Bob Beauprez defeated Democrat Mike Feeley by just 121 votes.

———–A group called the Progressive States Network is in Colorado today for its’s “2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America” bus tour. The tour is being conducted to discuss Wal Mart’s need to provide accessible health care and a strong living wage for American workers. At 11:00 a.m. the first event is in Denver at the corner of 16th & Market Street.

At 7:00 p.m., an event will be held in Pueblo at Colorado State University’s campus. David Sirota, author of Hostile Takeover and the co-chair of Progressive States Network, will headline both events.

We’re as surprised as you are about this. We had no idea that Colorado State University had a campus in Pueblo.


Ed Quillen of The Denver Post thinks that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez’s choice of Janet Rowland as his running mate could be a good thing…because of her penchant for saying far-out right-wing things.

Without Rowland in the race, Beauprez might have to address that and other issues, such as why he thinks we were stupid for passing Referendum C.

Add that up, and Rowland looks like an inspired choice for Beauprez. It must have been difficult to find someone who’d make him look good, at least by comparison.

There’s no truth to the rumor that the Beauprez camp is working on a new slogan: Vote Beauprez for Governor