Latina Targets Tancredo…With a Little Help from Her Friends

Debbie Marquez, one of the elected Democratic National Committee persons for Colorado, was armed with fliers for a special event when she went to the DNC meeting in Chicago last weekend. Even though Marquez lives in Mark Udall’s second congressional district, she was rallying support for Bill Winter’s campaign against Tom Tancredo in the 6th.“Members of the DNC Hispanic Caucus are especially anxious to dispose of Tancredo,” Marquez said from her home in Eagle County. “So, I came up with this idea to invite DNC members across the states to assist the Winters campaign for one weekend in October.”

She encourages participation with this claim: “What could be more fun than working to retire the loudest mouthpiece of the anti-immigrant/anti-Latino crowd. Let’s send a message to America that hate will not be tolerated!”

Marquez plans to set up DNC volunteers to call, host outreach meetings with constituents and help with a fundraising event. She has enlisted the support of Democratic Latino Initiative members and hopes to attract a “big name” to the event.

“I think we already have Rep. Mike Honda from California coming to help,” Marquez stated. “We’re going to make this a nationwide Democratic volunteer effort to defeat Tancredo.”

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