City of Denver’s Website Hacked

The website for the City and County of Denver has been hacked.  At the part of the site reserved for the Denver Election Commission added content reads:


The message has been included in hacks of myriad large computer systems, of which Denver is only the latest victim.  An “emergency” backup home page that is taking traffic directed at the main home page for the City simply says:

The primary website for Denvergov is currently off-line. Please check back later.

It appears that ENO7 is what is known as a “gray hat hacker”, neither a security consultant good guy, nor a thief or vandal whose sole goal is to harm others for personal gain.  Instead, ENO7 appears to be advancing a political message, and has increased activity in the wake of the recent Israeli-Lebanon War.

There is a town sometimes called “Enos” in the English language, in Turkey, but it is unclear if this hacker has any connection to it.

Other victims include the United Nations and Sony Phillipines, NASA, University of California at Berkley, and military sites (Go Pundit Go corroborates on the UC Berkely attack).  A Google search reveals that the City of Zephyrhills, Florida and the Times of Oman were also victims.

Zone-H has a list of other attacks attributed to this hacker.

Some attribute the attacks to a group of Chilean hackers known as the Byond Hackers Crew.