Say It Is So, Joel

There’s big news out of Colorado Springs today, where retiring Rep. Joel Hefley may not be retiring after all. Hefley is reportedly considering running for another term as a write-in candidate because of anger over negative campaigning by Doug Lamborn in the six-way Republican primary that concluded earlier this month.

As Ed Sealover of the Colorado Springs Gazette reports, Hefley must file an affidavit of intention with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office by 5:00 p.m. today if he is to be a write-in candidate. The deadline may be a mere formality, however, because Hefley seems to have put in some serious thought to this:

In meetings with national political consultants, Hefley and his supporters have come up with yard-sign designs and the key messages of a possible campaign, Republican Party activist Peggy Littleton said.

Hefley, who has represented the 5th Congressional District for 20 years, has been the subject of a three-week push by high-level Republicans to take this nearly unheard-of step…

———-Another day, another debate. Or two. Gubernatorial candidates Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez were back at it yesterday, taking part in two separate debates in Northern Colorado. The two squared off in a debate in Westminster before heading to Loveland to debate in front of 300 people in a debate sponsored by a public policy group made up of area chambers of commerce.

Why should you vote for Beauprez? As Mark Couch of The Denver Post reports, Beauprez says you should elect him as governor because he sold stuff. No, really.

“I sold stuff,” he said. “If you can sell cows and even the stuff that comes out the back end of cows, as I did, you can sell almost anything. I sold things all my life, and I look forward to being the advocate in chief of the state of Colorado.”

Vote Bob Beauprez for governor. He sold stuff.


Statewide candidates are scrambling for those last scraps of cash in advance of tomorrow’s filing report deadline. If you have a favorite candidate for office in Colorado, today would be a good day to send them some coin.


The Colorado Democratic Party yesterday called for the resignation of Republican Secretary of State Gigi Dennis, accusing her of improperly changing election rules that adversely affect Democrats more than Republicans.

“In recent days, Coloradans have learned that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office was approached by attorneys working with the Republican Party and its candidates seeking changes to Colorado elections rules,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak in a statement.

“This has resulted in a blatant manipulation of Colorado election rules to benefit their candidates in direct defiance of legislative will. We therefore call for Gigi Dennis’ immediate resignation. It is unacceptable to exploit a public office for political gain.”


Rep. Diana DeGette is in the Gulf Coast this week with a group of House Democrats on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and she took time out from touring the region to take a shot at President Bush.

“The administration’s immediate response to Katrina was marked by chaos, confusion and gross incompetence,” she said.
DeGette plans to tour Mississippi today and join Democrats Wednesday at a news conference to announce a “new direction for the Gulf Coast.”


Congressional hearings on illegal immigration are coming to Colorado this week. Sen. Wayne Allard will chair a hearing in Aurora on Wednesday, and on Friday Rep. Marilyn Musgrave will lead a hearing in Greeley. But as Anne Mulkern of The Denver Post reports, Democrats think the hearings are little more than an excuse to avoid addressing the issue head-on:

Many in favor of reform legislation – including Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo. – have called the hearings a stalling tactic.

“What we need is a conference committee, not more hearings,” said Salazar spokesman Drew Nannis.


The Colorado Schools First Coalition is holding the first in a series of statewide education forums today from 7:00

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