A Super Slab with a Side of Gravy

Republican Rep. Joel Hefley will not run as a write-in candidate in the 5th congressional district after all, but the retiring congressman had some terse words for the campaign of fellow Republican Doug Lamborn. As Ed Seal of the Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

Hefley said he couldn’t endorse Lamborn because he ran a “sleazy, dishonest” primary campaign. Lamborn’s response is that he has his party’s leaders’ support and that he beat Hefley’s former aide and anointed successor, Jeff Crank, in the primary…

…In a rare move, however, the 20-year Republican congressman refused to endorse Lamborn. Asked whether he would support Democrat Jay Fawcett, Hefley said that would be “very difficult” because he wants Republicans to keep control of the House…

…”I am not supporting Doug Lamborn. And it is not because my candidate lost,” the former House ethics c o m m i t t e e chairman said in a telephone interview. “I feel that Lamborn ran the most sleazy, d i s h o n e s t campaign I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I cannot support that.”

———–Say this for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez: The man has one incredible talent for saying stupid things. Beauprez has earned the nickname “Both Ways Bob” for his penchant for contradicting himself on any number of issues, but that’s not his only case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Appearing on Colorado Public Radio’s Colorado Matters program yesterday, Beauprez made the ridiculous comment that “as high as 70 percent, maybe even more,” of pregnancies among African-American women end in abortion.

As Colorado Media Matters http://colorado.mediamatters.org/items/200608290002] reports, not only was Beauprez’s comment stupid

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