He Didn’t Mean It

Brian Davidson, the Republican candidate at-large candidate for Colorado University regent, tonight denied that he supports the idea of students or faculty with concealed weapons permits bringing weapons on campus.

The charge had come today, as reported here, from Davidson’s Democratic opponent, Stephen Ludwig, based on Davidson’s reply to a survey by the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

“I’m shocked by that assertion,” he said. “You have to understand the context in which that (Pikes Peak Firearm Coalition) survey was administered. The question had to do with law abiding citizens with concealed weapons.”

“My initial thought was my father who was an arson investigator. He and a lot of his colleagues typically get those permits. I had no intention of supporting students and faculty members to bring firearms onto the campus. I fully support the university’s policy to prohibit these weapons on campus.”

“I’m a physician I work in a trauma center. I work with people who’ve  been shot, people who have died, because of what someone has done to them with a firearm.”

Davidson said he had submitted his answer to the Pikes Peak Firearm Coalition (PPFC) survey and then discussed the issue at a meeting, and that he wished that he could amend the survey.

When asked if he planned to contact the PPFC and ask the group to amend his answer, he said, “I could do that.” Then he said that he would do it.

The question the PPFC asked was this:

6. Federal studies have shown that citizens with concealed carry permits are more law-abiding, as a group, than law enforcement. Do you support prohibiting law abiding concealed carry permit holders from carrying concealed within public schools or on school grounds?

Davidson’s reply was this:

NO. A person with a permit should be allowed to carry their weapon essentially without regard to place or situation.

I posted here that a 2004 National Academy of Science report concluded that there is “no credible evidence that the passage of right-to-carry laws decreases or increases violent crime.”

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