Immigration Big Issue – Unless You’re in Congress

Congress returns to work this week after its August recess. But as USA Today reports, one issue conspicuously absent from discussion is illegal immigration.

No meeting has been scheduled for House and Senate negotiators to resolve differences between the two chambers’ competing plans for tackling the problem. Both measures include beefed-up border security and penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. The Senate bill would offer most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants now working in the USA a chance to become citizens; the House bill would not.

A major reason for the lack of action: the Nov. 7 elections. Both the House and Senate plan to recess at the end of the month. Lawmakers’ need to campaign will limit the time they have to work on legislation and has made them less willing to compromise.

“So many of the campaigns want to use this as a political football,” said Cecilia Mu

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