Does Beauprez Need Another Clean Sweep?

Maybe all the rumors spreading around the Colorado political blogs this past week about Bob Beauprez dropping out of the governor’s race may have something more to do with his campaign manager, John Marshall.In April of this year, John Marshall replaced Jack St. Martin, the former campaign manager for Beauprez. St Martin resigned over “staff disagreements” only after a few months on the job. In reality, it had to do with Beauprez’s bungling in the debates against Marc Holzman and the dawning of the phrase, “Both-Ways Bob.”

Some moderate Republicans on the Western Slope are grumbling about the recent missteps in Beauprez’s campaign starting with the addition of extreme conservative Janet Rowland on the ticket and continuing with Beauprez’s lack of understanding about West Slope issues like water and oil and gas development. These Republicans, fearing that Beauprez will drag down the rest of the ticket, blame Marshall who didn’t do so well as the campaign manager for Greg Walcher, the Republican candidate for the Third Congressional District against Democrat John Salazar in 2004.

As one disgruntled Republican said, “In Beauprez’s campaign these bad decisions had to be made at the top and that’s Marshall. He’s got to go.”

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