SD Candidate Gail Schwartz Confronts Trailhead

The Republicans must be running scared in Senate District 5 where Democratic challenger Gail Schwartz is squaring off against Republican incumbent Lew Entz. Evidently Trailhead has been called in to save Entz’s bid for re-election, according to the Schwartz campaign, and they have been behind erroneous push polling, brochures and radio ads against her.A recent push poll included claims that the Schwartz’s lived in an Aspen mansion and own a residence in Denver when in reality, she and her husband share a modest 2,000 square foot condo and rent in Denver.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Schwartz said she won’t let this false propaganda go without a response. In a letter to the editor mailed out Sunday, Schwartz wrote:

“Recent attack ads against my campaign for Colorado State Senate contained substantial misinformation. The advertisements were mailed to local residents and were on the radio. They were created by the Trailhead Group, supporters of my opponent, Lew Entz, and were intended to cast doubt on my character and on my performance as your representative on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

Specifically, the ads wrongly claimed that I had wasted taxpayer dollars on expensive hotel rooms. This isn’t true, and now in an effort to set the record straight, Patricia Hayes, the Republican chair of the University of Colorado Board of Regents has prepared a statement regarding the true facts. Although Regent Hayes and I don’t share the same political party, we do share the belief that members of your community deserve accurate, honest information so they can choose their next State Senator wisely.”

Regent Hayes letter:

“I feel I must clear up misinformation concerning Regent Schwartz’s overnight stays in Denver as she performs her official Regents duties.

Let me offer a few facts concerning the Hotel Teatro. Because the building formerly housed classrooms for the University of Colorado, we have a contractual agreement with the Hotel which includes room rates that are lower than any other downtown hotels. All of our Regents who travel a significant distance from their homes to Denver for meetings also stay at the Teatro. The fact that the Hotel is within walking distance from the Auraria Campus is a big plus.

Regent Schwartz has spent over 200 nights away from her family and home during her 6 years of service to the University of Colorado, all of this without any compensation for her service to the state. ”

The Schwartz campaign is considering their options to end the alleged Trailhead smear campaign. Pat Waak, chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party has also filed complaint letters about Trailhead to the state Attorney General and the Denver D.A. concerning unsubstantiated advertising attacks against gubernatorial candidate, Bill Ritter.

Gail Schwartz at Club 20. Photo by Leslie Robinson

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