Fencing in Jay Fawcett

They’re baaaack, and this time the Republican National Congressional Committee is demanding to know whether Democrat Jay Fawcett backs the idea of building massive fences along the nation’s borders.

You remember the RNCC. Back in July, the Washington-based group attempted to embarrass Fawcett with a nine-day blitz sent out via press release. Day after day the RNCC demanded that Fawcett condemn an ad, sponsored by national Democrats showing flag-shaped coffins – which Fawcett had nothing to do with –  after it was already off the air. The problem is the RNCC didn’t bother to contact Fawcett directly in their demands for denouncement, opting instead to barrage media outlets with claims that Fawcett’s silence over the issue was “deafening.”Their latest call to action comes days after the Fawcett campaign unveiled a benchmark poll suggesting that 41 percent of likely voters would vote for the Democrat running in a heavily Republican district – and with 28 percent showing the GOP candidate might be in trouble. On Thursday, the NRCC sent out its latest demand –

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