Ritter Opens Up 17-Point Lead on Beauprez

A new Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 poll shows Democrat Bill Ritter with a ridiculous 17-point lead over Republican Bob Beauprez.

Fifty percent of voters surveyed said they were likely to vote for Ritter, versus 33 percent for Beauprez. Eleven percent said they were undecided.

The poll, conducted earlier this week, showed Ritter with a huge lead in metro Denver, earning 56 percent support to Beauprez’s 32 percent.

Even more surprising, Ritter is leading in some of the state’s most conservative areas. He holds a 22-point lead over Beauprez on the Eastern Plains and a five point lead in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo area.

Ritter is leading by 24 points in metro Denver, and combined with his lead in Colorado Springs/Pueblo, the fat lady may be warming up. Considering that 85% of registered Colorado voters live along the Front Range, Beauprez is in DEEP trouble.

We may need to start talking not about whether Ritter will win, but how bad a defeat he may inflict on Beauprez. A lot of political careers should come to a crashing halt if Beauprez continues to lose ground; a blowout defeat of the two-term congressman would be absolutely inexcusable by all those involved.

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