The “Fifth Estate” Emerges in Grand Junction

Did they or didn’t they? Did the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel actually post on their web site an editorial supporting Democratic candidate Bill Ritter for governor? That question bounced around on a lot of the Colorado blog sites all day Thursday because the Daily Sentinel had the Ritter endorsement on their web that morning and then by afternoon, it had mysteriously disappeared. 

The bloggers queeried, “Did the Daily Sentinel goof since it hadn’t been published in the paper yet or were they pressured by local Republicans to take it off?”That created more intrigue on the blogs until the Daily Sentinel figured out the e-horse was already out of the web-barn and put the endorsement back up.

There are several additional story lines here. First, that makes three Democratic candidates endorsed by the conservative Daily Sentinel — Bernie Buescher for HD 55 and Rich Alward for HD 54, in addition to Ritter. (Could the Colorado Springs Gazette be next?)

Second, did anyone notice that right before our computer screens the “Blogosphere” became the “Fifth Estate” of political power.

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