Blue Book Available On Line

Colorado Confidential will provide plenty of coverage of the ballot issues facing Colorado voters this year.  But, we know that you like to go directly to the source. 

The text of the Blue Book, which is the official state voters guide to ballot issues, and the subject of considerably controversy, is now available on line, less a couple of page number references.  Each issue has 2-4 pages of plain language text describing the measure, and arguments for and against it.  Barring further court action, this is what voters will see in their mailboxes in the near future.  The short titles of the statewide ballot issues, used in the links to the Blue Book entries this year are:

* Amendment 38: Petitions 
* Amendment 39: School District Spending Requirements 
* Amendment 40: Term Limits for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Judges 
* Amendment 41: Standards of Conduct in Government 
* Amendment 42: Colorado Minimum Wage
* Amendment 43: Marriage 
* Amendment 44: Marijuana Possession 

* Referendum E: Property Tax Reduction for Disabled Veterans
* Referendum F: Recall Deadlines
* Referendum G: Obsolete Constitutional Provisions
* Referendum H: Limiting a State Business Income Tax Deduction
* Referendum I: Domestic Partnerships 
* Referendum J: School District Spending Requirements
* Referendum K: Immigration Lawsuit Against Federal Government