John Suthers Goes Out Of Way To Back Dirty Air

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has filed a legal brief supporting polluter Duke Energy, an out of state private business, in the United States Supreme Court.  The brief, prepared at state expense in a case in which Colorado is not a party, favors permitting weaker Clean Air Act standards for polluters. 

  According to senior attorney Vickie Patton, who represents the Environmental Defense in the action:

Colorado has joined Alabama and the nation’s largest polluters in opposing enforcement of vital clean air protections before the highest court in the land at the same time that the children of Colorado suffered through a summer of dangerous smog pollution.  Twenty-one states, the U.S. Government, the American Lung Association and an unprecedented coalition of medical experts are supporting enforcement of our nation’s clean air laws before the Supreme Court.  Colorado is not only fighting against basic clean air protections for our children’s health, but it is opposing protections that are good for our economy and our quality of life.

Oral arguments of the parties in the case are scheduled for November 1, 2006.

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