Ritter: “Colorado’s Health Care System is Broken”

Health Care for All Colorado released the results of a candidate questionnaire today completed by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter. To date, Republican candidate Bob Beauprez has not yet responded to the group. 1.  This year the Legislature passed  and the Governor signed SB 208, which creates a Health Care Reform Committee to study and make recommendations for improving health access for Coloradans. 

If the Health Care Reform Committee reaches the conclusion that a statewide single payer, private provider system is the only way to provide health care for all Coloradans in a cost-effective way, would you support
____YES ____ NO

Health care is one of the most complex public policy issues.  Repeatedly we have seen that attempts to fix one aspect of the health care problem result in exacerbating another aspect. Therefore, I will need to see the entire package derived by SB208, and consider the processes before reaching a conclusion on the merits of its recommendations.

That said, let me share with you my fundamental beliefs about health care reform. Colorado’s health care system is broken.  Fixing it will be one of my highest priorities as Governor. And I know that it cannot be fixed incrementally or by tinkering around the edges.  We need fundamental reform. SB 208 recognizes our state’s need for reform. I will watch the committee’s work carefully.

My commitment is to a process engaging stakeholders that will not be complete until we develop a Colorado Health Plan carefully drawn to increase access, improve quality and contain costs of health care. The process I envision for coming up with the Colorado Plan will not be constrained by artificial barriers, but will be guided by fundamental principles that include the following parameters:

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