I am Trailhead Group, LLC

You would think that a group of wise guys who go to the trouble of setting up a 527 political group with the Internal Revenue Service would be smart enough to also get a license from the Secretary of State where they are executing their handiwork.Especially if such an outfit – let’s call them The Trailhead Group, just for grins – is also meeting with the above-mentioned Secretary of State to hash out new election rules that benefit their political party.

You’d think that said Secretary of State, Gigi Dennis, would check to make sure that her advisors and confidants were indeed legitimately licensed as the limited liability company they claimed to be, with her office.

Let’s put it another way, nice and clean. The Republican 527, one of the country’s richest with more than $1.8 million in contributions, which organized nearly a year and a half ago, did not register, as required by law, with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

So I did.

No, it wasn’t a particularly proud moment. But somebody had to do it. Last Thursday, Sept. 14, I reserved the name Trailhead Group, LLC, with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. It cost me 25 bucks. I have 120 days to decide what to do with it.

One thing I’ve decided not to do, as Trailhead Group, LLC, is recklessly launch erroneous attacks against anyone – Republican or Democrat – who is running for political office. After all, that is illegal. It’s all spelled out in Colorado Revised Statutes, 1-13-109(2)(a). Plus, I know that district attorneys around the state are really, really busy trying to nail other bad guys – heck, even Attorney General John Suthers says he has to plea bargain nearly all his cases. So why would I want to add to district attorneys’ caseloads by spreading a bunch of lies about a candidate I was being paid to take down?

And I probably won’t spend my time shuffling large sums of unaccounted-for money back and forth between other groups. That would look bad, and likely result in reporters looking deep into my finances, and potentially embarrassing me

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