Spreading Wealth Around, Part II

Another day, another snapshot of a big contributor to Trailhead Group LLC, part of our investigation into the strange financings of the 527 founded by Gov. Bill Owens, beer magnae Pete Coors, and former Republican Party chairman Bruce Benson.

Yesterday I wrote about the Republican Governors Association, which sank a cool half a million into Trailhead’s coffers.

The Republican State Leadership Committee is the next largest donor to Trailhead, having contributed $350,000.

The group’s raison d’etre is to elect Republicans to state legislatures, as well as the offices of attorney general and lieutenant governor.

It’s the third largest state-focused 527 in the nation, with having collected $12.3 million so far for the November elections. )

Like its cousin, the RGA, RSLC also gets big corporate checks from companies such as Eli Lilly and Company (a pharmaceutical giant), Ernst & Young (accounting giant), and Novartis Pharmaceuticals (another pharmaceutical giant).

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Tomorrow’s installment will be on the Adolph Coors Company.