50,000 Watts of Hate: How Did You Celebrate “Gunny Bob Day”?

Colorado Media Matters reported this afternoon that Gov. BIll Owens proclaimed September 16, 2006 as “Gunny Bob Day” in honor of 850 KOA Radio’s conservative firebrand host Robert “Gunny Bob” Newman.

This accolade was awarded to a man who once called a female African American member of Congress a “psychotic, hate-mongering, racist, scum-sucking pig wench” among other potty-mouthed comments and complete fabrications. According to the text of the proclamation obtained by Colorado Media Matters from the governor’s office, Newman was being honored for:

educating and enlightening Colorado citizens on a variety of topics from counter-terrorism to survival tactics” and that “the State of Colorado recognizes Gunny Bob for his ability to keep citizens informed about war tactics and strategies, as well as the current situation in the Global War on Terror.

Owens, who evidently was wearing his neo-conservative hat that day, also “commend[ed]” Newman “on the launch of his new book, Minefields to Microphones: Global Asymmetric Warfare, the Radical Left, and Winning the War on Terror, which the book’s publisher (Paladin Press) says “exposes the treason and treachery of America’s maniacal liberal machine while laying out a roadmap to victory in the war on terror that will stun the enemy and infuriate America’s wild-eyed left.”

Ironically, September 16 also marks the 66th anniversary of none other than New Dealer and Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s approval of a military draft registry in anticipation of entering WWII to defend the US against fascism in Europe and Japanese nationalism. So much for that maniacal anti-war liberal machine theory, Bob.

50,000 Watts of Hate is a continuing series of stories on radical conservative talk radio.