Beauprez: We Must Have Laws That We Already Have

Immigration is on the minds of many Colorado voters, says a not-so-shocking Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 poll released Monday. And, a majority of people who list immigration as their top priority say Bob Beauprez is their man. That’s a little bizarre considering 61% said they favor an earned-citizenship plan, which Beauprez decries as amnesty. The congressman has even called a guest-worker visa program, which Ritter and most of the Senate support, a form of amnesty. Instead, he favors  “biometric identification cards” to be issued at the border. No word yet on how that would affect undocumented workers already here.

Beauprez might claim immigration is a top priority, but after four years in Washington, he hasn’t sponsored a single bill addressing the issue. Still, this latest poll puts Beauprez far enough ahead on immigration that he shouldn’t have to do much to stay there

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