Cooking With Carroll

Has the Colorado Secretary of State, Gigi Dennis been keeping the HB 1149 lobbyist law on the back burner, although it was suppose to be enacted July 1st? That’s what Rep. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, who authored the bill believes and she’s steamed.From Carroll’s website:

As some of you may know I authored lobby reform last year in HB 1149 that guaranteed the public the right to know who all the registered lobbyists in the state worked for, what bills they were working on, the positions (if any) their clients took on the legislation, and any direct financial relationships between lawmakers and lobbyists and legislation. It also required certification for lobbyists reporting income but not reporting any legislative activity to certify they were paid despite not doing any actual legislative activity.

  The effective date was July 1, 2006. The Secretary of State’s office (office charged with enforcement) has not yet come into compliance, which by extension means that none of the professional lobbyists in the State of Colorado can be in compliance. The SOS has neither completed the electronic filing provisions nor have they posted a manual reporting alternative. They are currently estimating that they might come into compliance by October 15th but no one is certain….

…Had the SOS been in compliance as required by law on July 1, 2006: